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Monday, May 30th, 2005
2:05 pm
We like the crack! The crack is good!!!
Okay, so everyone's bothering me to update. So, since this wouldn't fit in my away message...

Tenshi Koori: i am so bored
Tenshi Koori: im waiting for emi to call me back
StarryDreamer15: mmm
StarryDreamer15: don't paint a dog's toenails...
Tenshi Koori: wasnt plannin on it
StarryDreamer15: albatross!
Tenshi Koori: o....k.......
StarryDreamer15: bogey
StarryDreamer15: water socket
Tenshi Koori: suree..........................
Tenshi Koori: i got my cousin hooked on Green Day
StarryDreamer15: I'm on crack *hehehe giggles insanely*
StarryDreamer15: DON'T TAKE ME TO A DISCO!!!!!!!!!
StarryDreamer15: *WHEEEEEEEEE YEE YEE!!!!*
Tenshi Koori: ...
Tenshi Koori: hyper much?
Tenshi Koori: im gunna fight fire with fire soon
StarryDreamer15: STOP SPREADING THOSE ROOOMORS AROOOOUNDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
StarryDreamer15: AYEEEEEEAYEAYE!!!!!AYAYA!!!!!!!!!
StarryDreamer15: 4 score and 7 years ago... OUR FADDAS ROCKED DA HIZZZOUSEEEEE!!!!!!! WAYAYAYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
Tenshi Koori: Christina, wouldn't wanna meet her
She hates you Britney, so you better run for cover
My girl's
A hot girl
A riot girl and she's angry at the world
Emergency, call 911
She's pissed off at everyone
Police, rescue, FBI
She wants a riot, she wants a riot.
StarryDreamer15: DA CURRRRRRRRRRRRRRBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tenshi Koori: the fuck u doing
Tenshi Koori: ?
Tenshi Koori: y are u talking like a rapper?
Tenshi Koori: ur scaring me
StarryDreamer15: MWAHAHAHAHA
Tenshi Koori: I knew it all along
You're so predictable
I knew something would go wrong
So you don't have to call
Or say anything at all
You're so predictable
Tenshi Koori: Good Chalotte baby
Tenshi Koori: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Dont wanna hear it!

And on this closing note...TAKE IT TO DA CURB, MAC! TAKE IT TO DA CURB!!!


Current Mood: mischievous
Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
4:34 pm
Okay, so I'm going to enter a poetry contest. Yea, it's legit, I've checked, don't worry. So I need some advice as to what poem to submit. Poems can only be 21 lines long, but essays can be 250 words. The last one is questionable, So...

1. What's your favorite piece of writing?
2. If your favorite is #4 or #5, which couplet/line would you cut out? They are both one line over the limit, but it's hard to cut out one line when they are in couplets.
3. Does #6 count as a poem or an essay? Do you think I can pass it off as a poem? 21 lines long?

Anyway, here they are: Pick your favorite! Be brutal! Don't worry, I can take it, I'm a tough cookie! ;-)

1. Untitled

A little stone if skillfully thrown
May damage mortal bone.
But use harsh tongue and old or young
You will be alone.

2. The Poet’s Prayer

Mighty pen as mighty sword
Release thy poetry thou hath stored
Flood paper, screen, and mind adored
As love and light from you are poured.

3. Death

Always waiting, lurking unknown
Like a sword tip chilling bone
Ever-stalking living dead
Standing over life’s death-bed
Never caring always near
Lurking over, spreading fear
Taking lives of those who wait
Like destiny fulfilling fate
Living life till death departs
Stealing souls—breaking heart
Whooshing by on blood-red wings
Bite the bullet, cut the strings
Lives for death and dies for life
Waiting, lurking, living strife
Knowing sorrow, fear, and shame
Slowly, gently, snuff the flame
Destroying world of strife and fear
Destroying lives of all held dear
Explaining all in one small tear.

4. Untitled:

You sit alone in silence, the world around you whirls
A disco on the dance floor-girls w/ guys, guys w/ girls.
But you're just in your corner, where nothing can go wrong
It doesn't matter anyway, just listen to the song.
Colors whirl right by you, blending into brown
You seem to fail to notice, only looking to the ground.
I know you hear me whispering, I know you feel me stare
I know you know I'm wondering what you're still doing there.
I wish you'd come and be with us, so you won't be alone
I'm starting to think that after all, you may be carved of stone.
You knew I wouldn't let you, I couldn't let you stay
So I came and spoke to you, as I came your way.
You were nervous, I could tell, you wished that I would leave
But when I did, I think you thought, and started to believe.
You finally came out with us, you shed your old cocoon
You came out and danced with me, became one with the tune.
You didn't laugh when I got it wrong, I'd never danced before
But you instead just showed me how to float across the floor.
I had lots of fun that night, I hope you had some, too
I hope you learned no matter what, there's someone there for you.
I know you think you're quiet, I know you think you're shy
But how can you truly know for sure if you won't try to fly?

5. Ah, from Your voice I hear, O God, and from Your hands I pray.
And from Your mind do come my dreams, Your mouth for what I say.
Your worries are set still for me, You speak to hear Your voice,
Your robe becomes my blanket, Your questions are my choice.
But whence comes my forgiveness, when You alone cannot?
Amazing Graces may live on, dream catchers they have caught.
This webbéd world, to catch us so, reach out your tangled strands,
Grab and pull and rip at us, but still You hold our hands.
Forgive us for our debts, Lord, as we forgive our debtors,
We struggle with our feelings, but we wish ourselves to better.
Lord, it is a hard thing, to forgive those who’ve done wrong,
We wish to hold our grudges, our hatred leaves us strong.
It rules us over others, it gives us strong desire
It becomes a twig of sin, to feed the raging fire.
My heart is but a puppet, trapped on strings of wire.
But never may I drop my heart, for then You pull it higher.
You think we are Your vision—You think we are perfection
You meet us with Your Grace, God, we meet You with rejection.
But, soft, You never tire, You gently push us straight
You bathe us in forgiveness, our bodies caked in hate.
And as it chips away, Lord, You collect it in a jar,
You keep it on your mantle—remember who we are.

#6...The Questionable One...
Ah, Lord, why must you be this way? I am weak, I am tired, I try to live by your grace, O God. I live in temptations and worries that I try to overcome. I can’t do it alone, God. God, I can’t do it alone!
You speak volumes O Lord, yet I know you not. And I never will, I realize.… You are my Jennifer, O Lord. You are my Joan, my James, my Kevin. You are my LIFE, O God. And how can I live without life…?
You are there, I know, God. You are there, hiding from your own creation. Watching, amazed, as the life is stolen from so many young souls…there is still time, Lord. You hide behind your cloud of protection, sending doves and sunlight down to us as you cower yourself in Heaven, never daring to make yourself known. Certainly not to me, O God.
You forsake me, Lord. I search desperately through the screaming darkness for the warmth of your hand reaching towards me—ready to comfort my lost soul. But it is never there…
As the ones I care about are ripped from my grasp and the ones that I love feel they cannot trust me any longer, you sit, content in your Paradise, playing tennis with the sun….
My hand is closing, Lord. I cannot remain open to you forever. My hand is weak, my arm shaking, my fingers covered with dark ivy that no one cares to brush away.
I can’t wait forever, God. No, I can’t wait forever…

Okay, sorry the last one is so depressoid, and apologies if you are not one for religion. But, still, let me know what you think! Deadline is April 5th, btw. It's coming up! Thanks for your time, everyone!

Sunday, March 6th, 2005
9:52 pm
Death is a funny thing, isn't it? Just the mention of it can bring the tallest king to his knees. You destroy your entire life worrying about death. Nobody knows much of anything about it, do they? Sure, we ^think^ we know things, but we really don't. We don't know what someone thinks about when they know they are going to die. Do they even know they are going to die? What if they know they are going to, but they don't? What does that mean? Does your life flash in front of your eyes if you ^think^ you are going to die or if you ^know^ you are going to die? Does your life flash in front of your eyes at all? Sure it does in cartoons and movies, but are those ever true? In cartoons and movies, you can be a cayote being blown up by ten thousand pounds of dynomite, but still be able to blow smoke rings for another day. You can be killed in your mind...in an alternate reality, but be alive in our reality. Or you could die even in that reality? Nobody knows! That's why we are so afraid! That's what everyone says, right? We fear what we don't know? Well, do we fear death? Maybe some of us. Do we fear ^our^ death or the death of someone close to us? Which would you rather? Would you rather die or would you rather someone else dies? Which one's more selfish, really? If you say for you to die, the other person lives on, but they have to forever deal with your loss. But if they die, they get a reprieve while you are stuck mourning ^their^ loss. I don't know. I really don't. What do you think?

Well, I guess this is building up to a dedication.

Ashley Mahoney...17-year-old Girl Scout...student at Tri-County...died in a car accident on Friday. Some road-raged retard ran her and her friends off the road at about ten at night in NAttleboro on Route 1. Ash was brought to a hospital and pronounced dead upon arrival. The driver was injured, but has recovered. The retard who ran them off the road fled the scene like a no-good-dirty-rotten coward. Kelsey told me late late on Saturday, and I suddenly realized why Mrs. Purkis had called at 9:30 (late for our house), asking for my mom. I'm glad I heard it from Kels.

Well, I don't have any poems at the moment that fit Ashley's wonderful character, so while I (try to) write one, I'll put this one in:

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

When tomorrow starts without me,
And I'm not there to see,
If the sun should rise and find your eyes
All filled with tears for me;
I wish so much you wouldn't cry
The way you did today,
While thinking of the many things,
We didn't get to say.
I know how much you love me,
As much as I love you,
And each time that you think of me,
I know you'll miss me too;
But when tomorrow starts without me,
Please try to understand,
That an angel came and called my name,
and took me by the hand,
And said my place was ready,
In heaven far above,
And that I'd have to leave behind
All those I dearly love.
But as I turned to walk away,
A tear fell from my eye
For all my life, I'd always thought,
I didn't want to die.
I had so much to live for,
So much left yet to do,
It seemed almost impossible,
That I was leaving you.
I thought of all the yesterdays,
The good ones and the bad,
I thought of all the love we shared,
And all the fun we had.
If I could relive yesterday,
Just even for a while,
I'd say good-bye and kiss you
And maybe see you smile.
But then I fully realized,
That this could never be,
For emptiness and memories,
Would take the place of me.
And when I thought of worldly things,
I might miss come tomorrow,
I thought of you, and when I did,
My heart was filled with sorrow.
But when I walked through heaven's gates,
I felt so much at home.
When God looked down and smiled at me,
From His great golden throne,
He said, "This is eternity,
And all I've promised you.
Today your life on earth is past,
But here life starts anew.
I promise no tomorrow,
But today will always last,
And since each day's the same way
There's no longing for the past.
You have been so faithful,
So trusting and so true.
Though there were times
You did some things
You knew you shouldn't do.
But you have been forgiven
And now at last you're free.
So won't you come and take my hand
And share my life with me?"
So when tomorrow starts without me,
Don't think we're far apart,
For every time you think of me,
I'm right here, in your heart.

I still have the bracelets she gave me at Christmas. I wear those whenever I can. We were competing between the two of us for one opening at Senior Conference, and I remember she gave it up to me because she said she 'thought she may have something else that day.' It's going to be hard to go to that, now. We love you, Ash, we really do. You should have seen the Pond Home today. It was packed! There were six other people there who weren't working. Know why? They were carpooling to your candle-light vigil tonight. Know why I wasn't there? Because my mom's an insensitive jerk, that's why. But I wanted to. Your mom said herself that she didn't even realize how many lives you had touched. I don't think ^you^ even knew! You will never be forgotten, kid.

And, just because you wouldn't have wanted me to get this sappy, you're an uber-twit, and I ain't hearing any different! But I wish you had worn your seat-belt, you idiot!

Ashley...the Guardian Angel.


Current Mood: peaceful
Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005
2:56 pm
So, yea, I'm being bothered to update! Yea, it's been a busy week.

I went to another dance with Caitlin and Kayla on Saturday. It was a blast, as usual. It's too bad that Hannah and Aly couldn't make it, though. But it took a while for the rest of the gang to show up. I think David was the first to show, and we had so much fun together!

Kayla, David, and I worked together to try and get Caitlin to introduce herself to people. Well, it was mainly David. I brought Chad over to meet her, though, and introduced her to Britain. But David...wow...when he gets going on a big, long encouragement speech, the dude can really dish it! So he introduced Cait to piles and piles of people, most of them he didn't even know himself! Then apparently he got his sister involved, and she dragged Cait over and got her dancing with a guy! She still has to tell me more about that *glares at Cait*

And there was a point where Cait kept trying to take my picture with my camera, and I just felt like being a pain in the butt, so I was running away from her and stuff. Then Kay came running after me and jumped on me and held on to my neck. So I tried to get free, and started to spin around wildly. It was going pretty well, and I was spinning uber-fast, when something happened and Kay and I both lost our balance, fell, and landed on top of each other. Then Cait and David came running over and were laughing hysterically as they told us that Kayla's legs were about a foot off the ground! Apparently I was spinning so fast the centrifical force was making Kayla fly! So David wanted to try it with me (yea, Cait, I was before Kay. I remember cause I kept asking what he was going to do. He wanted to do it with me first cause he said i'd be less scared?) So he crossed his arms and we held each other's hands, and started to spin wildly. Well, we didn't fly, but there was a point where i didn't even have to step...I just spun on one toe! It was wild! Then he wanted to do the same with Kayla, and they spun insanely fast, too. So that was a blast.

James was there, too. That was cool. I didn't really recognize him at first, though. I had to go up and introduce myself again to make sure it truly was him. But it was, and I dragged him over to meet Cait, Kay, and David. Apparently, Brit and Chad were elsewhere, so I couldn't introduce him to them. He's like a Caitlin...he's just uber-shy! Haha! So I tried to get him to do the Cotton-Eyed-Joe later on, but he wouldn't. So I just made him save the last dance for me. He did, so that was cool. We danced, but I don't think he was really into it...idk. Maybe he wanted to dance with someone else who was already dancing with someone. Idk. I asked if he wanted to be dancing with someone else and he smiled and said "not right now." But I don't know. Guys are so confusing! Haha!

Well, I suppose that's all about my interesting Saturday! I'm glad I got to see my friends again. I wish I'd gotten a couple more pictures, but oh well.

Also, I got my new laptop computer! I'm watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on it as we speak. Check it, though. I'm watching Harry Potter in French with Spanish subtitles, and English closed captioning! Hah! I got all three languages in there! It's awesome, it actually dubs it over so you can hear the entire thing being spoken in French! It's so cool!

Well, my laptop's a little heavier that I'd like, but it's got a GINORMOUS (like 15" or so) screen, a Floppy disk drive, a dvd player cd rw combo, a built-in internet router, a touch-pad for a mouse, and all kinds of other mad-awesome stuff. Sure, it was expensive ($820.03) but it's worth it. I can take it with me to The Place, Girl Scouts, the TRG, and all kinds of other places. Aaaaand...now I'm going to shut up about it! It's just so good lookin'!

I'm open for names for my laptop, too. I know, so dorky to name it, but if I hear a good one, I just might have to name it! It has to be exotic, though. Like Metamorphosis, but that's already taken. NO BOBS!!! What is it with you people and the name Bob? I asked three people what names they suggested and everyone's first choice was BOB! You guys are so full of eviality! Hey, I could name my computer Eviality! LOL! Probably not... Well, let me know if you have a name for it! An exotic name!

That's prettymuch all I have to say right now! Talk to everyone later!


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Sunday, February 6th, 2005
3:17 pm
Okay, I've had a revelation. Having people who don't work at the Pond Home come in and just watch us work always bugs me, but it bugs me less now. Know why? CAUSE I DON'T KNOW THEM!!!

Yea, so I was at work today and we were just starting to serve desserts, so they sent me into the fridge to get the schmutsie for desserts out, so I did. Course, on the way, I bumped into a couple of people. First thing that hit me was that they were really skinny! Usually all the extra people there are boyfriends and they are these huge, ripped, bulked up, creepy-looking guys who never smile *shudder*. So, yea, they were both really tall and I looked up and saw Jimmy Mulkern. Meh, I've always hated him and he's always hated me, so it didn't really bother me that he was there. He doesn't go to KP, anyway, and the worst he could really do was make fun of me. But he always does that, and I make fun of him back, so it's all good!

But the other guy...the other guy was Ross Douglas!! UGH! See, that's what stunk! I mean, I don't love the guy or anything, but he's the nicest, kindest, most smiley guy who has probably ever stepped foot in the Pond Home. Plus he goes to KP.

Think it's not that bad that he was there? Yea, well, think of me in a red apron and rubber gloves with peach juice spilled all down my leg (that was a fun collision between Jackie and I!). Yea...it's that bad.

Oh well. At least he isn't in any of my classes. I saw someone come into the Pond Home and my first thought was that he looked like Rob, but it was probably just Jimmy. ANNOYANCES!!

Yea, but I still get a kick out of how all the guys at the PH are ripped and all that weird stuff. It's like people are trying to prove that they can get huge boyfriends. It's really sad, actually. I keep joking that I'm going to get a small, little boyfriend who smiles all the time and bring him to the PH and go "Look! THIS is what a boyfriend is supposed to be like!!!!!" Nah, I wouldn't, but it's a funny thought, don't you think?


Friday, February 4th, 2005
9:11 pm
I'm in love...


I mean, look at this thing:


It has everything I've been looking for! But...it's only been one day of bidding, and it's already gotten up to $456. So it'll probably jettison up to being in the thousands, so it's a "Pipe Dream" as my mom called it. *Sigh* BUT IT'S SO PERFECT!!!

Love hurts, it really does!!!

Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
9:37 pm

So Tana and I kicked butt today with our fantastical "Gene + Finny = Ginny" theory! You know, at the end, Finny is the one who really dies, but a part of Gene dies along with him? So a little bit of Gene dies (G), but everything but Finny's memory dies (inny). So "Ginny" is mostly showing the death of Finny, but just a small part of Gene's death, symbolized by the 'G'. Does that make any sense? It sounded good in my head!!! Tana and I laughed so much at that, and could never say "Finny died" the same way! LOL!

Small amount of Gene died (G) G=only one fourth of "Gene", hence the 'small amount'

All but a little bit (his memory) of Finny died (inny) inny=4/5 of "Finny", hence the 'large amount'.

Yea, okay, so I can't explain things to save my life!! Oh well.

But another thing...the word of the day...EVIALITY. Another thing I made up in english class. It means evil, but it is a noun. i.e. "The eviality of it all!" I know, dorky, but I think it's a good word. Not to mention it's fun to say ;-)

~Bri (filled with eviality!)
Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
8:43 pm
Check this out: http://gregburt.com/about.html
Mr. Burt is a photographer? Hmmmm...intriguing. Notice he never says anything about being a teacher/coach at KP? At least, not where I looked. But he is friends with my previous mentor's husband which I think is really funny...in a creepy sort of way! LOL!

Anyway, thanks for the tip-off, Annie!


P.S. I've been getting inspiration lately. Wow, that hasn't happened for, like...*counts on fingas*...a long time! Course, I don't have time to write down anything I think of, but I just wrote about four poems in the past month. That's really good for me! I'm sooo happy!

Still worried about stuff, but I'm managing. And I said 'no' to being leader of the Tsunami Group! That's also really good for me! I can't say 'no'. It's just not in my nature! So I'm learning to do that, too! *Sigh* I think all this is good...idk...I'm changing...meh. I'm just really confused right now. So I think I'm happy.
Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
10:37 pm
This stinks. Yea, so I'm getting confirmed into my church, which means I have a mentor who helps me with my confirmation project. My project is to make a time-capsule for my church. So she's been helping me out for a couple of months, and we were just about to get started with the real juicy stuff.

So we met today and she drove me to Cracker Barrel. But halfway there she told me she had some 'bitter-sweet' news. Yea, well...she's leaving the church. Leaving the church!! So now I'm stuck without a mentor, and Jennifer has to find me a new one who shares my beliefs and who would like the idea of the time capsule and who has time and who likes the stuff I like. That's gonna be killer-hard.

I can't believe she's leaving the church...especially when she's my mentor! I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm happy that she found a good church, but still... Idk. Now I'm going to have to start from scratch. And who knows what my mentor's going to be like? Is he/she even going to like the time-capsule idea? UGH!

Well, I made Jennifer promise that she wouldn't find anyone for me until I got a chance to go in and talk to her. Although, I don't think very highly of adult's promises at the moment...they always seem to get broken. But I think I can trust her. Truth be told, I wish Jennifer could be my mentor, but I don't think she can, cause she's the one in charge of it all.

Well, I think that's my rant for the day. It's late, so it's not very descriptive. But oh well. I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight, anyway. I have my interview with the Courtot Quartet tomorrow, and I guess I'm a bit nervous about being in the presence of singing movie-stars! Yea, they're going to be on Cable 8 Wednesday (tomorrow?) at about 7 if you wanna check 'em out.

But, yea. Leaving the church...ugh.

Monday, January 24th, 2005
10:29 pm
Okay, so I'm thinking about reading this at a talent show... So I have two questions:

1. What do you think? Be brutally-deathly honest and tell me every tiny little insignificant detail I could change and everything that just sounds a little messed-up or off. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasseeeee no good-friend-fudges! Only the truth!

2. Okay, so pretend you're a guy, okay? Well, if you are a guy, then you don't really have to pretend. You can if you want to, but I won't be held responsible for any psychological problems you may encounter when trying to do that...yea....
Okay, so pretend you are the guy being written about here, and you don't know me very well, but we danced twice and talked a couple of times.
Would you be embarrassed if this poem was dedicated to you and read up in front of a bunch of people (maybe 50?) at a talent show? Probably, right?
What about if it was read in front of everyone, no dedication, no nothing, but I told you later on it was about you? Would you feel weird then?


Here's the poem:

You sit alone in silence, the world around you whirls
A disco on the dance floor-girls w/ guys, guys w/ girls.
But you're just in your corner, where nothing can go wrong
It doesn't matter anyway, just listen to the song.
Colors whirl right by you, blending into brown
You seem to fail to notice, only looking to the ground.
I know you hear me whispering, I know you feel me stare
I know you know I'm wondering what you're still doing there.
I wish you'd come and be with us, so you won't be alone
I'm starting to think that after all, you may be carved of stone.
You knew I wouldn't let you, I couldn't let you stay
So I came and spoke to you, as I came your way.
You were nervous, I could tell, you wished that I would leave
But when I did, I think you thought, and started to believe.
You finally came out with us, you shed your old cocoon
You came out and danced with me, became one with the tune.
You didn't laugh when I got it wrong, I'd never danced before
But you instead just showed me how to float across the floor.
I had lots of fun that night, I hope you had some, too
I hope you learned no matter what, there's someone there for you.
I know you think you're quiet, I know you think you're shy
But how can you truly know for sure if you won't try to fly?

Well, please tell me what you think of the poem, with brutal honesty... Thanks so much.

Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
1:07 pm
Okay, so I had a revelation. First person who makes fun of me for this eats it! Lol! So...

Now this, I suppose I can live with.
Now this, I suppose I can live with.

And I guess I can live with this.
And I guess I can live with this.

But that's just disturbing!
But that's just disturbing!

So, yea. Just figured I'd share this so Cait can have a good laugh. So I'm not a Deppian Fan, but I guess I can stand him a little better now. Meh.

Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
10:05 pm
Alrighty, I have been asked for more updates on this thing-a-ma-doodle, so here's a little more of a doorway into the Brain *brain brain* Of *of of* Bri *bri bri* Yay! It stinks that you can't do echoes on this thing...! Well, I suppose a quick little book review at 10 at night couldn't hurt, right?

So I recently saw A Series of Unfortunate Events.... You can shoot me now! I knew from the very beginning...ever since I saw the first commercial on tv that it was gonna be majorly messed up. Boy, was I right!

Sure, it was a cute idea, and it was cool that the adults were all bumbling idiots and you felt like you could always count on the kids to save the day, but two words messed the whole movie up: Jim Carrey. Don't get me wrong. I looove Jim Carrey. He is like the funniest and freakaaaaayest dude in the universe! Aaaaand that's *exactly* why he's a crummy choice to star as the most disturbing dude in the book.

Count Olaf is supposed to be evil, maniacal, never crack a smile unless the Baudelaires are in terrible trouble. But Carrey plays it up so that Olaf is an actor. Yes, Carrey is acting as a character that is an actor. So he does all this stupid stuff like pretend he's a rabid monkey and stuff! And one of the most touching scenes in the movie:

Count Olaf: Boy, we are a gloomy looking bunch. Tell me, why are you so glum?
Klaus: Our...parents just...died...

Yea, that was royally messed up. Because, of course, the magnificent Count Olaf missed his cue so he asks Klaus to repeat himself. He does. "Our parents...just.........died?" And then Olaf makes this huge deal of crying over the orphans and saying that he shall raise them 'as though they were truly wanted'. How messed up is that? Then he grabs them and holds them all together so Mr. Potter (no, not Harry Potter, the uglier, fatter, older, stupider Mr. Potter) can see that they are getting along. It would have worked out better if he had just shut his yap there. Maybe put on a maniacal grin. But nooooo. He did that stupid thing that we have undoubtedly all seen waaaay too many times in the commercials where he grabs them close, shakes his head and goes "bwwwwwwwrrwrwrrrw" You know, trilling his tongue and that other stupid stuff he does. Ugh! The scene would have gone so much better if it was like this:

Olaf: Boy, we are a gloomy looking bunch. Tell me, why are you so glum?
Klaus: Our...parents just...died...
Olaf: *pauses* oh, that's right. Heh, silly me I must have...eh...forgotten.... Don't worry Mr. Potter. I'll take care of these...orphans *piteous looks at orphans*...as if they were *sniff* truly wanted.
*Olaf puts a hand on each Klaus' and Violet's shoulder. They look down at it like it's covered with mold and they don't want to touch it--they are disgusted by it*

See, that's the thing. That scene has to be believable. I mean, I know they are trying to play up the fact that Potter is a clueless nimrod, but still...we don't want comedy in that first scene. We don't really want it in the rest of the movie, but we especially don't want it in the first scene.


Yea, another thing that jumped out at me...the scene with the leeches. You know, with Aunt Josephine and how she was thrown to the leeches. Ugh, that's the thing, though. She wasn't thrown. She was let gently and lovingly down by the dorkwad Olaf. Now, actually, I'm not sure if I liked this scene. It was just a REALLY SICK scene! I mean, does anyone else agree with me on this? I mean, the books are kinda sick, I'll admit that. I've read almost all of them. But really! That was just sick and wrong. It was just like, i'm going to let you down to your doom gently. And you could see in Josephine's eyes that she was thanking him all the way down, and that she was so CLUELESS as to the fact that he was gonna kill her! I mean, gimme a break woman! How could you possibly be that dense? So that was just sick and wrong and "GIMME A BREAK" *throw popcorn at the movie screen*-worthy. Ugh.

Something I liked, though. I liked the house falling apart. That was good. I love Violet's "No way!" as the doorknob was going to blow up. If anyone didn't put two and two together, everything that Aunt Josephine was afraid of (except realters) happened when the house was falling apart. Violet screams in the middle of it "if it falls it could crush you flat!" as we see the floor tip and the refrigerator starts sliding towards the orphans. She also screams "no way!" as the doorknob is about to blow apart. The stove explodes on fire and all this other good stuff happens that Aunt Josephine predicted...except for decapitating yourself by tripping on the welcome mat....

But, of course, I have to balance this out with another thing I didn't like. And this is a big one: SUNNY! I did not like Sunny! I don't know how I pictured her, honestly, but I just didn't like how she was depicted on the big screen. It was kinda how I felt about Dobby when the first Harry Potter movies came out. But, still. I just did not like the way she was portrayed. I think I wanted her to be younger--unable to walk. You know, that would set up some cool things so she might have to bite her way across the floor or something. Something I didn't notice, however, that I was told later is that apparently Sunny couldn't walk in the beginning? But she learns to walk by the end? But I mean, I don't think she should be able to even stand up. Like, not much hair, like, alot younger. That would make it a little more comedic. SUNNY is supposed to be the laughs in this movie, NOT Count Olaf.

And I was a little confused at the end. I mean...the telescope. The way the letter sounded, it seemed like they knew the fire was going to happen and they were able to escape. If I had not read the books beforehand, I would have been half-expecting a joyful reunion of the Baudelaire family at the end. I don't know, it just sounded strangely awkward as to what was said in the letter. It sounded like they escaped and were trying to make their way back home.

And it was good that they stuck to the book, but again with the telescope. They got a package, right? So Klaus opened it and gave the letter inside to Violet who started to read it aloud. Now, there was also a gigantic lumpy thing-a-ma-doodle in the package. So what would you do? Wait for Violet to finish reading the letter and then look at what's inside, or would you check it out right away? I don't know about anyone else, but I'd definitely check it out right away! I know, I'm being overly critical there, but I just figured I could mention that.

Another question that could be raised is what are they going to call the next movie? If they make one, that is. Who knows, this one I am predicting will flop in the Box Office, so maybe they won't come up with another one. But, I mean, "A Series of Unfortunate Events" was the title of the ENTIRE series. They only used three books out of that series. What if they want to make a movie out of three more? What would they call that? And is the "Lemony Snicket's..." part necessary? He's the author for crying out loud! We don't need to know about him! Just mention his name uberfast somewhere where nobody would ever think to look and call it a day! Welcome to Hollywood!

"But the real highlight was the end credits of the latter [Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Events]—quite simply the most engaging and creative we’ve ever seen," says the Goza Gang. "Having spent some time working in Tinseltown ourselves, we ALWAYS read the credits at the end of a movie, and we’re usually the only ones left in the auditorium when the lights come up. But this time, a few others had lingered as well, because the text was accompanied by a brilliant animated shadow-puppet style mini-movie that foreshadowed sequels yet to come. Bravo!"

Too true, Gozas, too true! If anyone is going to go see this movie, stay for all the end credits! My brother was being a bonehead and he just wanted to go. But the credits were so funny! It was just a bunch of weird little sketches of the characters that chased each other across the screen, back and forth, and many objects were brought in again, and all that good stuff. Like the telescope and the magnifying glass and all that good schmutz.

Whoa, that thing's Sick-Long! Sweet!! Well, I believe that is all for my movie review. I know, really stupid, but hey. Oh well, right? Well, if you have anything you want to add, feel free. I'm probably going to have to write a book/music/restaurant/movie review in journalism, so i'll probably do it on this. I love insulting stuff...hehe! So let me know! And sorry if I spoiled it for anyone! Ciau all!

Saturday, December 11th, 2004
3:21 pm
Okay, I'm going to try this:

Ask me 6 questions. Any six, no matter how personal, private or random, I have to answer them honestly?

Ugh, I'm probably gonna regret this, but oh well! Go ahead! Thanks for the tip-off, Chadwick!


Current Mood: devious
Sunday, December 5th, 2004
4:22 pm
Dare ya!
Ugh! Okay, numba one...someone told me I should update this journal more often. Two, I got dared to complete this survey. So here it is:

movie watched:x:: National Treasure
book read:x:: Enchanted by Orson Scott Card (awesome writer, btw!)
time you cried:x:: When I broke my leg, I guess....
time you brushed your hair:x:: today at 6:40. Had to before I went to work!
time you felt love:x:: Um....yesterday, I guess?
word said out loud:x:: Dolt! (It's pineapple, you dolt!)
time you were sick:x:: Does right now count? *cough, cough*
email you wrote:x:: To KEVIN!
magazine you read:x:: Uh, does a comic book count? Borrowed "Far Side" from a friend if that counts.
song you heard:x:: Bust a Move!
cd you listened to:x:: Good Lord....uh, some random CD that I found in my cd player. It's probably a Christmas present that I wasn't supposed to see. But that was a while ago.
assignment you did:x: Doing a five-paragraph essay for English right now. Then onto the biology five-paragraph essay, so fun!
time you were excited:x:: Probably right before I went to see my friend Kevin for the first time in half a year!
time you laughed:x:: Five seconds ago....
person you talked to:x:: My brother
play/concert you saw:x:: The Nutcracker. Awesome job, guys!
person you kissed:x:: Hahahahahahaha! My mom!
person who kissed you:x:: See above!

:x:have you ever:x:
drank:x:: of course! Cranberry juice, water, milk....
done drugs:x:: Nope, no matter how hard Matt tries!
had sex:x:: HahahahahahahahaNO!
had a sexual experience (doesn't have to be actual sex):x:: Nope
cried because of someone of the same sex:x:: I don't think so...
cried because of someone of the opposite sex:x:: I don't think so either....
kissed someone of the opposite sex:x:: Dad count?
kissed someone of the same sex:x:: Mom count?
had a huge crush on someone:x:: Yes....
had a boyfriend:x:: Nope! Single! Look me up! Haha!
how about a lover:x:: What, is that like a girlfriend? Nope!

:x:do you:x:
think you're pretty:x:: Meh, I'm okay.
have a best friend:x:: Not really....
like someone rite now:x:: Yes....
masturbate:x:: Definitely not!
like long surveys:x:: Honestly, not really.
like surveys at all:x:: They're okay, I guess. People get to know my a little better!
like love:x:: Sure, unless the person you are in love with doesn't like you back...
eat too much:x:: No....*shiftyeyes* ...Of course not! Haha!

:x:are you:x:
straight:x:: As a board!
a happy person:x:: Duh!
a nice person:x:: I like to think so
happy with how you look:x:: Sure

do you especially like darkness:x:: Uh...not really
do you go to school dances:x:: No. All the guys in my school are pompus, know-it-all, namecalling, show-offy jerks. Except, of course, for a select few!
do you like them:x:: No, for the same reason as above.
what do you want to be when you grow up:x:: Journalist, poet, some sort of writer!
are vampires very dear to your heart:x:: Not really....
how about monkeys:x:: YES! I want a pet spider-monkey!
do you have pets:x:: Yep, I have the most adorable mutt of a dog!
brothers:x:: 1...or does he count as a pet...?
sisters:x:: Zippo!
are your parents together:x:: ...yes...
or are they divorced:x:: no.
do you like someone:x:: yes....
do they know:x:: no....
do they like you:x:: probably not...
will you love them until your dying day:x:: Meh, maybe. Although, you never know w/ teenage crushes, right?
does love lift you up where you belong:x:: Um....
would you ever kill someone for love:x:: Um.... I don't think so.
if you could kill one person who would it be:x:: Never would. Not even if it said "had to"
do you like reality tv:x:: No. Surviver sounds really stupid, though I've never seen it. Sorry, but that's what I think.
would you buy a cd for just one song:x:: Nope.
could we be lovers? is that a fact:x:: Um.... Back to the question of what 'lovers' means.
do you know that question 61 62 and 67 are all from moulin rouge:x:: I don't feel like counting all the questions to find out which numbers they are! And I've never seen Moulin Rouge, either.
do you have a screen name:x:: Yep!
is it dumb:x:: I don't think so.... I thought it was kinda cool when I was 14! Haha!
do you have friends:x:: Yep
have you ever been in love:x:: Uh....crush? Does that count?

:x:fill in the blanks:x:
i love_______:x:: Hahahaha, you wish I'd tell ya!
eat________:x:: ma dust!
put your hand_____:x:: (s) up, punk!
don't_______:x:: you dare!
please ____:x:: and thank you!
cheese______:x:: whizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
bloody______:x:: *ahem* Heck!
roses____:x:: are red, violets are blue, angels in heaven, remind me of you!
do______:x:: doooo dodododo do do. do dooooo dodododo do do. Whistle song from Breakfast Club!
he is______:x:: Um....cool?
death is______:x:: Only the beginning
kicked off the_______:x:: team
you see i've forgotten______:x:: my head!!!
i really_____:x:: wish....
i want_______:x:: a pet spider monkey!
you can tell everybody_______:x:: that I care about them all more than they will ever know
it may seem quite simple but________:x:: I came up with it, so you will never understand!!! *maniacal laughter*
i hope you don't mind_____:x:: my insanity....
how wonderful life is_______:x:: depends on how you live it
to be______:x:: or not to be?
juliet is the______:x:: uh....girl from Romeo and Juliet?
its a little funny_______:x:: when we start a laughing chain! (you know, when one person starts laughing and then the other person laughs at the other person. #1 slows down and then looks at #2 who is still laughing hysterically, then starts back up again, and it keeps going like that forever!

:x:either or:x:
france or england:x:: Uh...england
life or death:x:: life, please!
t.v. or movie:x:: depends on who I'm with....
pepsi or coke:x:: pepsi. do you have any idea what pepsi can do to your system?!
pool or hot tub:x:: Pool!
girl or boy:x:: Uh...boy?
india or switzerland:x:: India
america or canada:x:: America
real life or t.v.:x:: Real life?

:x:friends:x: OMG! They're gonna make me choose?! Alright, here goes.... If I forget people, please don't hate me!
best friend:x:: I'm not even going to try. Everyone's my best friend. Whoa...how sappy does that sound?!
nicest:x:: Jenn
funniest:x:: Kimball!
prettiest:x:: Ashley's new hair! Shave your head and I will hunt you down and buy you a wig! Haha!
cutest:x:: Ugh! Make it sound like I have a crush on people, why don't ya?! Haha! Well, probably Zephyr
most handsome:x:: Ugh! There's really nobody I can say that to who won't think I have a crush on them!
who can make you laugh the most:x:: Tongue-Boy! I love you, Chad!
weirdest:x:: SCOTT!!!!!
most immature:x:: Amanda G! But it's a funny immature!
skinniest:x:: Kayla? I'm not trying to insult people here.
the one you could fall in love with:x:: Jeez, I dunno. And if I did, I probably wouldn't tell you!
the one you would marry:x:: Hmm...well, I married Chad, then dumped him for the guy in the Mickey costume at disney world, then dumped HIM for the guy in the Donald suit, and now I have my eye on the guy in the Pete suit. Well, maybe sometime I'll get back to marrying you again, Chadwick!
overall greatest:x:: Hello?! Same as best friend! Not even gonna try....
the one you have hated in the past:x: I don't think I really hated anyone....
farthest away:x:: Right now, Matt Sweeney....soon Dan Ayres! Go Japan!
most loved:x:: Jeez! Another "best friend" one!
most missed:x:: Hmmm...Matt Sweeney or Chris Kimball!

do you like britney spears:x:: Haven't heard her stuff for a while
christina aguilara:x:: Same as above
what bands do you like:x:: You'd laugh if you knew! I really like Dream Street. People say they loved Jesse McCartney ever since he started singing. Then I ask them if they like Dream Street, and they say "who?" So, sorry ladies, I've been following Jesse McCartney's work longer than anyone! Haha!
what do you think of punk:x:: Uh...
emo:x:: Huh?
hardcore:x:: What?
avril lavigne:x:: Finally, something I've heard of! She's pretty cool
taking back sunday:x:: Come again?
ramones:x:: Say what?

do you like jennifer anniston:x:: Who?
brad pitt:x:: Meh, he's okay, I guess
jonny depp:x:: HahahahahaNO! I mean, girls only think he's a good actor cause he's hott! I personally think he's ugly and creepy looking, but that's just my opinion, I don't want to insult anyone (except for Johnny!) No, I'm kidding! I mean, I don't hate him, I just don't love him.
orlando bloom:x:: Eh, he's okay
courtney cox:x:: Who?
lindsey lohan:x:: Meh, she's okay, but I wish she didn't start singing, too. Did you ever notice that all actors sing, too? It gets old after a while.
hilary duff:x: Ugh. Don't get me started! She stole my penname and my 'standing stance' I mean, her music is pretty good, and I kinda like Lizzie McGuire, but not really.
moulin rouge:x:: So, what? I'm back to having no idea what you're talking about? *sigh*
a walk to remember:x:: Huh?
10 things i hate about you:x:: What?
Saturday, November 20th, 2004
6:12 pm
Tiny Flame:

Silent serenity
Darkened room
Tiny Flame
Shines out from the gloom.
All are gathered
'Round a bin of sand
All have a candle
In their own hand.
Tiny Flame
Moves from one hand to another
And in each hand
It creates its own brother.
Many Tiny Flames
Move about the room
Many Tiny Flames
Can't penetrate the gloom.
Tiny Flame
Moves toward the center
Tiny Flame
From the hand of a repenter.
Placed in the sand
Tiny Flame does stay
Tiny Flame in the center
Creates a Tiny Ray.
But when joined by others
Tiny Ray does grow
Tiny Flames in the center
Joined in a row.
Tiny Flames shining brightly
So all can see
When all join together
Look what we can be.

I am dedicating this poem to the loving memory of Matthew Shepard and Bill Clayton.

Matthew Shepard was brutally tortured and later died in an anti-gay hate-crime. He was 21.

Matthew Shepard, Gay Martyr

Bill Clayton was tortured and bashed in a different anti-gay hate crime and later committed suicide. He was 17.

Bill Clayton, Bi Martyr

Though I never knew either of them, I will never forget either of them....

This is what our world is coming to. Never forget. Be a Tiny Flame....
Tuesday, October 26th, 2004
10:47 pm
Okay, this post is for one of my friends, you know who you are....

A little stone if skillfully thrown
May damage mortal bone.
But use harsh tongue and old or young
You will be alone
~Brianna Chamberlain

I'll Be Here

I cannot ease your aching heart,
Nor take your pain away;
But let me stay and take your hand
And walk with you today.

I'll listen when you need to talk,
I'll wipe away your tears;
I'll share your worries when they come,
I'll help you face your fears.

I'm here and I will stand by you,
On each hill you have to climb;
So take my hand, let's face the world...
And live just one day at a time.

You're not alone, for I'm still here,
I'll go that extra mile;
And when your grief is easier,
I'll help you learn to smile!

- Author Unknown

Keep these in mind. I know you know this already, but it always helps to have someone reminding you every once in a while. I'm always here to help you, or just to be a listening ear. Hang in there, I'll always be there for you. Keep the faith!
~Truly, Brianna
Sunday, October 10th, 2004
11:21 pm
My Buddy Profile, you know you love it!
Ladies and Gentlemen! This will most likely be the only post I make in this journal. I made it because there was a stupid space limitation on the actual profile sheet so I couldn't fit everything in. Although, If I make new friends, I might have to update this, so I guess I might post a few times. So feel free to comment if you like, but you definitely don't have to! Haha! If I forgot anyone, just send me an angry comment or an angry IM! I'll change it, I promise!

Jenn--The Girl Scout just entering KP! Has the teacher I didn't like last year! He's a tough marker, beware! Just glare at him angrily whenever you pass him in the hall. It gives you satisfaction of being evil w/out doing anything actually evil! Haha!

Kelly--The only other person in the world who is a fan of Case Closed! I'll never forget the one-legged can-can!

Dan--The Japanese-speaking college dude who is so patient he doesn't get mad at Cait and I when we don't get the Japanese stuff! We'll have to tell you about our History Day project....*shudder, shudder* Off to Japan, huh? We'll miss you! Keep that travel blog updated, dude!

Morgan--The girl who stole my middle name, and loves animals even more than I do! Remember, I'm a pet-sitter...! Fantastic writer, with a dark and disturbed side hidden within...admirable.

Bri Bickum--You will always be Bri to me, even though I'll never understand how I got you and Bri Murphy mixed up! Rockin' Care Bear lover, keep da kool!

Bri M.--The girl who stole my name! Bri Cheese! Insane goth psycho who will always be my Twinny!

Scott--The insane psychopathic insomniac who knows waaaaayyy too much about computers and who is always willing to help me out! You will always be my Scotty! Keep an eye on the Sun....

Kayla--My little Miss Harvey who is smarter than me in everything! And you're even taller than me, but, of course, who isn't? The person who always cracks up laughing when I crack a joke, the newest resident to Wrentham, always willing to cover herself in fake blood and then walk through a library!! Welcome, Kay!

Brian--Hey, Mr. Sunglasses! The work-hard Boy Scout who cares never-endingly about his sister! Way to go, Brian! Cheers to a complete recovery!

Ashley--The punk-goth who scares me, but who writes such beautiful poetry, and is always open to share her work. Be brave, my dear! Always shoot for the moon. That way, if you miss, you will always land among the stars.

Kevin--Hey! Man, where do I start, huh? Haha! You are caring and sensitive. Remember, be yourself and you will make the most important friends of your life. Keep the faith and don't depend on anyone to tell you what a fantastic person you are. Your own heart can do that better than any other prissy princess could. I hope I see you again if I get that job at Massasoit....Until then!

Jax--Insane person who I had to convince to watch Yugioh! Well, I also had to force you to admit that you Liked Yugioh! Haha!

Emily F--The person who thinks that I am an insane psycho (and is probably right!) Well, it's fun, isn't it? Being crazy, I mean?

Fred--Sugar-crazed maniac who I really don't talk to too much, but still cool! Welcome back to the club, man! Just watch your back! Don't forget The Lesson Of Ithjar!

Megan--The senior! Another fantastic poet who is a fan of drama, and awesome at it, too!

newbuddy--yea...okay. I'm going to have to delete that from my buddy list, aren't I? Haha!

Mike--Otherwise known as "Morgan!" Heh, psycho dude who attacks me in the hallways! Have fun trying to get into college, punk! Not that anyone would want you...just kidding!

Annie--Hey, the fantabulous drama student. You're gonna go far, don't you worry about a thing! Stay just like you are, and remember one thing: Don't shoot yer eye out!

Merli--My Nutcracker Princess! Ah, it's so awesome to be able to talk to you! It's the best way to laugh about our parental units, right?

Katie O'Connor--Another fantastic drama person, and an evil-looking boss when you wanna be! One thing's for sure, it's going to take a loooong while to forget that performance!

Katie Okalita--Well...I kept up my end of the deal...now it's your turn! Haha! Yes, the brainiac I have to sit behind and feel inferior to in biology class! Nah, I'm just kidding!

Kt Kal--Heya, Cuz! Man, just a few more months and you're going to be taller than me! *sniff* they grow up so fast! Just kidding you, Kt! And notice I spelled your name right! I'm so proud!

Renae--Another drama student! Fantastic work, and a psycholunatic in your own way, right Renae? LOL!

Mary--Oh, boy, what can I say? I know! NerDS unite! Gotta get some girl power at that camp, that's a definite! Ugh! I can't wait to meet you! Haha! Oh, it's always fun to come home and just talk to you about the most random things! You rock, Mary!

Noah--Jeez, man! Jeez! You take the king CROWN of psychodom! A rocking pirate, though I've never seen you, I can easily imagine you with a peg leg and a patch over one eye! And, of course, 5 O'clock shadow...LOL!

Andrew--Hey, cuz! It was so awesome to see you again! When was the last time? What, when we were like 3? It's so awesome to find a cousin my age, even if you are a 3rd cousin...I think? I dunno...I'll have to look into that! Lol! Safe journey home!

Chris--Oh, boy. Oh, boy. A true comedian! Don't EVER EVER lose the funny, Chris! You gotta come back and visit us lowly high-schoolers sometime! You make a rockin' Santa, too, may I say!

Brandon--Wallflower! Heh...you know you wanted to dance, punk! You were just too shy to look like an idiot! Well, that's what dancing's all about, I guess. At least I was able to drag you out during a slow dance, right? Well, good luck with all those colleges!

Kylie--Half of the gruesome duo of Kylie and Kelly! Again, never going to forget the one-legged can-can! Awesome chess-player, but able to be social while playing. Don't you just hate those people who just sit there staring at the chessboard not saying anything the whole time? *shudder*

Caitlin--Known ya all my life! Always there, brains and wisdom, always there to laugh *coughsnortcough* at my jokes! Thanksnessish!

Chad--It's Tongue-Boy! Haha! Remember, keep yer tongue out so I can recognize you and pounce on you! Oh no, look out!!!!! *Ducks* *turkeyberry pie w/ purple whipped cream schmooshles into Chad's face!!* *falls over laughing*

Jon--The cowboy w/ the toothpick! Did a good job w/ the Life Sava, especially having to bend down so far!!! But make fun of Josh or Britain one more time...

Britain--The ultimate Queen of Grobanese! A bon-diggaty-danca and so much fun to talk to! Save the last funkaaaay dance for me next time! And let's see if we can shove some Groban tunes in, right? Lol!

Kelsey--Catwoman who won't shut up about a certain 2-5-14! Well, I'll meet him one of these days! Keep being Catty!

Hannah--Oooooohhhh...so gonna kill you for that Bot, honey! Lol! Heart-attack mania much?! Oh well, I'm *gasp* almost over it *gasp* No really, I'll *gasp* be fine! You people are so mean to me! *Sniff* *tear*

Heather--Hihi! Another psychopathic lunatic who I forgot to add cause I'm an idiot! Soooooo sorry! Hahaness! Best wishes to your boyfriend. I know it's hard. I'm here if you need a listening ear.

Jeff--The uberdepressoid! But, hey, you're fun to talk to, right? You know, when you're not being a psycholunatic bent on world destruction *maniacal laughter*!

Andy--The one w/ the froggy smilies! My puppies were always better, admit it! Well, they're gone now! Stupid AIM! Oh, well. Another one who helps me out constantly.

Emery--The Cowboy Bebob fan who keeps telling me to watch it! Well, we're getting better w/ our fighting, although we've still got a ways to go, but I'm willing to try it!

And last but not least--

Adam--You're always there to help me no matter what the problem is. Sometimes, we can both be too blunt w/ each other, but hey, sometimes truth hurts, and I understand that. Even if I need help w/ a problem that really doesn't have to do w/ me, you are always there with a kind, truthful word. Full of wisdom and kindness. Wow, that sounded super-duper sappy! Oh, well. Thank you so much, Adam.

Current Mood: funky and sappy! scary combo!
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